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If a friend received a cancer diagnosis, what would you say and do?


Support cancer research in a unique way with our award-winning Host at Home play!

The Silk Rags Project is a fun and creative way to learn communication skills and help someone who is coping with a cancer diagnosis.  Brace yourself for an immersive experience that takes you on an emotional roller-coaster through words, music and multiple perspectives!

You'll receive all the resources you need to laugh, cry and learn together with a small group of friends.  


You'll also gain profound insights based on personal experiences and be making a tangible impact towards groundbreaking Cancer Research. 

Join us now and break away from the more traditional methods of fundraising! Get ready to take part in an innovative and educational method which will give you some skills in helping someone navigate their cancer journey.  Be that remarkable friend!


How does it work?

Originally a mini-musical for the stage, our award-winning project is now adapted to be an educational and entertaining piece which can be Hosted@Home in a small group of 6 people

Grab some friends, family or perfect strangers! 

Get together with a group of 6 people, maybe a bottle of wine or a pot of tea and be prepared to have some fun, maybe some tears but most of all to open your eyes, ears and learn!

Allocate your characters to each person!

Each person is allocated a role in the play with their own unique perspective. No props or preparation  is required. You can make the role your own! 

Read aloud from the script, listen to the music as you go.

You each have your own story to follow.  No acting experience is required. Complete a self-analysis form about your character and learnings and discuss in your group.

You don't need any experience of acting!  You simply read your character out aloud, listen to the songs and discuss what you learnt!

What others have to say

Jenny general quote_edited_edited_edited

Event Host & Narrator

Jenny, Retired Teacher 

"An enjoyable, educational & bonding event which was easy to organise & run."

I learnt that perhaps I’ve said the exact same phrases that friends should NOT say and that many other people, friends or not, would be in the same position.
The characters were typical worried friends with no actual experience of what to say to someone with cancer.  We’ve all got friends and family who’ve needed support.

Character 'Two'

Jo, Website Designer

"I’m now better prepared."

I’d be more empathetic and not so dismissive by perhaps saying the wrong thing.  


I’ve previously said “keep positive, You’re strong so you’ll be able to beat it”


Character 'Four''

Alicia, Midwife

"An excellent and really helpful event.."

My character was both funny and tactless. I learnt what not to say and what to say instead.


Previously, I have been too positive when dealing with friends who have cancer. I felt a bit upset because I’ve lost some friends to cancer and now looking back I wished that I’d given them space.


Character 'One'

Polly, Retired Librarian

“A great way to be educated into how to deal with a cancer diagnosis.  A positive experience with good music.”

My character was patient and resilient.  She seemed long suffering when confronted with the reactions of her friends. I learned that there is a whole library and reactions to a cancer diagnosis. In hindsight, I didn't know  what NOT to say or was just  silent.  I think we may all have tried to empathise in the wrong way. 


Character 'Three'

Liz, Vet Nurse

"An enjoyable event. It’s a different process of fundraising – I’ve never done anything like this before."

I noticed some similarities between the character and myself. The music fitted in well with the script.  I learnt how much we focus on our own lives when somebody else requires more.  Maybe we should listen more when people need help and be more aware.

In hindsight, I’ve definitely said inappropriate things.  The handout was good.  I am better prepared now. The group host at home event definitely created more awareness for me.


Character 'Man''

Lee, Stay at Home Dad

"In hindsight, yes, I would be more focused on them and their needs rather than qualify my understanding."

It was difficult to read my character's part, feeling his struggle to be strong for those around him yet falling apart on the inside.


I learnt that people are all different.  Everyone struggles with something inside.  You choose how you let things affect you. 

Create an Unforgettable Experience and Make A Difference with our Complete Read-Along Play Kit!

What's Included in Your Complete Group Kit?

Hosting a memorable gathering in the comfort of your home has never been easier. Our read-along play kit provides everything you need for a successful event.  Here's what you'll find inside.


A. Full instructions for the host and participants.  From planning your event to the minimal equipment needed, we've got you covered!

B. 6 x Script Booklets: Immerse yourself in the story of 4 friends.  Follow along and guide your guests through the heartfelt journey of a cancer patient and her friends who try to foster empathy and understanding. 

C. 6 x Soundtrack Albums (CD or Digital Download Card):  Set the mood and enhance the experience with our specially composed soundtrack.  Let each song enlighten and deepen your emotions with the wide range of genres. 

D. 6 x Educational Handouts:  Empower yourself with knowledge and practical guidance.  We provide a helpful handout "Not Sure What to Say & Do?" developed with Griffith University.  We equip you with the right words and actions to support your friend or loved one facing a cancer diagnosis. Say and do great things with confidence and compassion. 

E. 6 x Self Analysis Forms:  Answer questions about your character and what you have learnt from the experience. 

And there's more!  

By purchasing our kit, you're making a meaningful contribution.  A portion of our proceeds from every kit sold directly supports ACRF (Australian Cancer Research Foundation), ensuring that your gathering also makes a difference in the fight against cancer. 


So - are you ready to support an innovative event that combines compassion, connection and support? Get your complete Read-Along Play Kit and create a memorable experience for both you and your guests.  

Know where your money is going

38% of our proceeds are donated to Australian Cancer Research Foundation

This means for every $50 spent - we will donate $19.03 directly to cancer research. 

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Want to know more?
Download an exclusive free excerpt of the Silk Rags Project Host at Home Kit! .

Thanks for your interest! Click here to download your excerpt.

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