The original soundtrack by Dee Handyside.  This multi-genre album was written, recorded and produced whilst Dee underwent cancer treatments.  But don't think that it's a woman strumming her guitar in a bedroom's not! 


What are you buying?

  • 1 x CD album 'Genetic' by Dee Handyside. 
  • A double wallet CD with a 12 page booklet containing lyrics and artwork.
  • 9 tracks
  • Multi-genre
  • Tracks:

1.  Morning Patrol Fraser Island - instrumental, easy listening

2.  Storm Clouds - Orchestral Rock

3.  I'm Scared - Alternative

4.  Just Think Positive - Jazz

5.  Forty Percent - R&B

6.  Thank You Friends - Pop Motown

7.  Genetic - Electronic

8.  The Unknown Destination Train - Folk/Country

9.  *Bonus track - These Hours - Pop


Listen and raise funds - 50% of profits are donated to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. 





CD 'Genetic' - the soundtrack by Dee Handyside

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