The Story.  The Music. 

What's it all about and is there a happy ending?

OVERTURE: 'Morning Patrol Fraser Island'

Instrumental of a care-free life before diagnosis. 

To be played as audience are being seated. 


'One' has just told his/her friends of his/her cancer diagnosis.  Each friend, in shock, responds with questions of how, why, disbelief, optimism and pessimism.

SONG: 'Stormclouds'

Orchestral Rock


Although 'One' has many visitors and gifts, he/she is finding it hard to deal with friends good intentions and prior to surgery, just wants to flee.

SONG: 'I'm Scared'



In hospital, after the surgery, 'One' is visited separately by her friends.  Feeling uncomfortable, each visitor decides to share their own news and we start to get to know about their home situations a little more.  From the inappropriate comment such as "Have they said how much time you've got?" to the hilarious rantings about an un-romantic partner, a bitch of a neighbour and a throbbing sore toe, 'One' tries to be supportive to all.


At a coffee shop, the friends sit around a table with an empty chair where 'One' would normally sit.  Fearing the worst for their missing friend, they discuss alternative therapies such as drinking urine, boiling weeds into a herbal tea and that apparently there is a good type of cancer and a bad type of cancer.  One thing is for sure - they don't want to lose their friend. 

SONG: 'Just Think Positive'


'One' is alone and narrates a poem which summarizes her thoughts and feelings about her friends.  Has she become a burden to them?  She apologises and wouldn't wish this disease on anyone.  'One' has a physical struggle with the 'cancerous mass' which is constantly present on stage with her.  Neither win the struggle.   They are equal. 


The remaining three friends meet at 'Fours' home for a cuppa and a catch-up.  The lives of 'Two' and 'Three' are moving along by taking on different hobbies and work.  However, 'Four' is his/her own worst enemy with regards to change and a minor disagreement occurs.  They all realise how 'One' was always there to empathise and understand each one separately. 


A very moving scene involving 'One' and her husband 'Man'.  'One' is in a chair, wearing a headscarf having endured chemotherapy.  She is at her lowest point and feels that she is a "scrap of old rag".  However, her husband disagrees by declaring his love and says that he see's her as a "scarf of fine silk".  A battle ensues between the husband and the cancerous mass. 

SONG: 'Forty Percent'



At the coffee shop, the friends are excitedly waiting for 'One' to join them.  There has been a marriage break-up and another failed IVF attempt - but 'Four' continues to think that out of all of them, her life is actually still the worst!  As they are joined by 'One' and her husband, they are glad that the cancer treatments are over and reflect on the recent past and the successful treatments of eating carrots and a positive attitude!  They all count their blessings. 

SONG: 'The Unknown Destination Train'

Country Rock

Drawing of raffles/auctions and THANK YOU on behalf of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation

ENCORE: SONG 'Thank You Friends'

A motown-pop feel-good song that celebrates friendship and is guaranteed to have the audience clapping along and leaving with a smile on their face!

Here is the official video of the song! 

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