How many cast members will you need and who are the characters?


Has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  She has children and the love of a devoted husband.  Prior to cancer, she was the glue that kept her friends and family together.  Even when her friends are frustrating, she shows them the compassion that they seem to lack.


Is a magnet for unhealthy relationships.  Her husband Garry suppresses her.  Due to all the hurts in her life, she is extraordinarily pessimistic and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. 


Is desperate for a baby.  To achieve her ends she is constantly visiting alternative doctors and trying all the latest fads.  She quit her job years ago when she and her husband, Mark, first tried to get pregnant.  Now she works from home to help support her health habits.  She is always trying to fix everyone else. 


Four is overbearing, controlling and avoids doing anything that she deems too difficult.  As a result, her husband - Laurie - is brow beaten, but her children are un-disciplined.  She cannot understand why others complain about their problems while no-one listens to hers.  She believes her financial, emotional and physical problems are worse than those of her friends and aquaintances and she is always unhappy because of it.  


Is the adoring husband of 'One'.  He loves his wife.  He is her strength and her support.  He constantly maintains his composure for her benefit. 


A dark giant lump that is always pulsating in response to the others.  If a giant, dark lycra bag is unavailable, it can be made by sewing 2 dark sheets together on 3 sides with rounded corners.  1-2 people can play this part.  No lines.


No lines.

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