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Chief Music Critic, The Courier Mail

A joyful musical reaction to a deadly serious subject.


Reviewer for Aussie

[Briohne] Sykes has done a good job in making a sensitive subject accessible to the public via the medium of theatre and has certainly succeeded in creating an opportunity for further discussion amongst audience members.


Musician/Producer and Lead Guitarist for Brian Cadd, Colleen Hewitt, session guitarist for Renee Geyer, Normie Rowe, Marcia Hines and band member for 'Long Way to the Top' Australian Tour.

I have just listened to the songs from this mini-musical and was moved by the experience.  Dee Handyside has captured the wide ranging emotions of the subject matter with dignity and compassion.

All the songs are complimentary to the unfolding stories of the cast and move the drama forwards.

I particularly liked "I'm Scared" and "Thank You Friends" as the stand out tracks but I also enjoyed the diversity of styles and musical arrangements of the other songs which lend themselves to great stage production..

I am sure that combined with Briohne Sykes  script and a good cast this project will be a successful one.


Singers-Songwriters, Creators of musical "Billy Buckett- A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story".

Absolutely brilliant website, so well presented, offering a comprehensive tool-kit to theatre groups wishing to produce this impactful and significant work and make it a great success of many levels.



A play which is at once poetic and pragmatic.  Briohne Sykes has drawn on her own experience as a cancer survivor to create a picture, not of a victim but of a woman in transition, an observer in her own life, watching the effects of her diagnosis on other people around her.  She explores the idea of mixed blessings and burdens in symbol, theme and character.  Her characters voices have resonance with the kinds of women we all know.  Is it possible to be grateful for cancer? This [The Silk Rags Project] will make you look at something ugly from an unusual and authentic perspective.


Audience Member

A highly informative and enjoyable afternoon of entertainment.  I'm sure we are all able to recognise ourselves or someone we know in each of the characters portrayed.  It was interesting to consider how each different behaviour demonstrated might impact a cancer sufferer.  This production held a mirror to my own attempts to provide support, but it did so kindly, gently, constructively and with such good humour.  I learned some strategies at the Q and A session after the performance and I feel I have a much better idea about how to be a good friend to someone who is suffering. 


Audience Member

It was profound, thought provoking and touching.  The act took a very serious subject and created an entertaining view of the impact on everyday people.  I definitely took away an education, an awareness of some of the issues sufferers and survivors deal with, and a thankful heart. 

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