Here's how it works!

We are independent of a Theatrical Licensing Agent because we want to keep our costs down in order to donate more to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.  The Silk Rags Project owns the entire work - it is our copyright. 

So there is only one agreement that you have to sign.  There are no APRA/AMCOS reporting or licensing duties or fees. We've done all the hard work - freeing you up to perform! 



Your Theatre Group contacts us to discuss a production.   'The Silk Rags Project',  your Theatre Group and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) sign an agreement that funds raised from your production will be donated to the ACRF.  You will be given a Silk Rags Project/ACRF reference code. 



Your Theatre Group purchases a showkit containing:  

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  • 2 X Script Booklets

  • 1 x Original Soundtrack CD

  • 1 x USB and 1 x CD with pdf scripts, lyrics and audience handout, mp3 backing tracks and example vocal tracks, photos, logos and other materials for your use in promotions

  • Licence for 10 x photocopies of the script

  • Licence for 10 x mp3 downloads of original songs and backing tracks for rehearsal and performance

  • PDF Tipsheet on how to make your production/event a success

  • PDF of 'Do you know what to say?' - Cancer Communication Tipsheet developed with Griffith University - to be handed out to Audience, Cast and Crew (*note that you will need to print however many copies as per your ticket sales)

  • Advice by telephone and email from The Silk Rags Project Team

  • Performance Fee ($100 per day) - note Matinee and then Evening performances on the same day will only incur 1 x performance fee.  Performances on separate dates will incur 1 x performance fee per day. 



$400 for 10 Script books and 10 CD's of Original Soundtrack (plus postage)

The following are available as additional purchases to be sold as souvenirs at your performance. *Please note: At our Original Production, both items sold out. The audience can purchase the items separately:  

  • $15 for printed Script Booklet and

  • $25 for Original Soundtrack CD

You will be re-imbursed for merchandise not sold (less postage).  The Silk Rags Project Team donate 50% of our profits from each sale of merchandise to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. 


You rehearse, market and perform at the fundraising event.


The audience are given a handout that we have developed with the assistance of Griffith University.  The handout covers tips on what to say/do and what not to say and do if a friend or family member receives a cancer diagnosis.  


After the production, you return any unsold souvenirs to us and we re-imburse you accordingly (less postage).



You total up your income from ticket sales, donations, raffles, auctions.  You deduct your showkit and other costs. We give you a spreadsheet to complete this.


You donate your profit to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation via their website, cheque, electronic funds transfer or by contacting them and quoting your special 'Silk Rags Project Code' so that you receive an official donation receipt. 


$196 is the minimum donated by The Silk Rags Project to ACRF. This is increased per souvenir scripts/CDs sold at performance.

'The Silk Rags Project' donates 50% of the profits from the cost of your showkit to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation  (minus any costs re-imbursed for unsold and returned souvenir scripts and CD's).   We receive an official donation receipt.



Your community returns home and starts conversations about the event.  They will now be better prepared to support any family member or friend who receives a cancer diagnosis.  They will be fully aware of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Your cast, crew and support team will have been challenged and have a greater understanding of the communication issues relating to cancer diagnosis and treatments.

TOGETHER, the Silk Rags Project will have made donations that one day, will find a cure for all cancers.

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L-R: Briohne Sykes (Scriptwriter), Dee Handyside (Compose) and Professor Ian Brown, Chief Executive of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation