We know you've got some questions!  And quite rightly so!

You'll probably find the answers below - but if there is some other burning question that you have, please do contact us - we'll be happy to discuss how we can collaborate in your community to make a difference.

Frequently asked questions

My Theatre Group is interested in putting on this production. How should we proceed?

Thank you for your interest! Please contact us on our contact page and we will be in touch to discuss and assist you before you purchase a showkit.

Does my Theatre Group have to purchase a showkit? Why and what is contained in it?

As with the licensing of any production, it is a legal requirement that you purchase the permissions to perform 'The Silk Rags Project'. When you purchase a showkit, you will receive: 2 x script booklets and an original CD soundtrack 1 x USB and 1 x CD containing pdf scripts, lyrics, song vocal and backing tracks, audience handout, photos, logos and materials you need for promotion Licence to download 10 copies of pdf script for rehearsal and performance Licence to download 10 copies of vocal and backing tracks for rehearsal and performance Performance Rights Tips for making the event successful Advice from us if required by email and telephone RECOMMENDED ADDITIONAL PURCHASES: A box of original production scripts and CDs to sell at the performance as souvenirs. Those unsold will be purchased back by us.

How much is your showkit and why can't I purchase it online?

Our showkit costs $441 plus postage and packing. Please refer to our 'Fee's and Licencing' page. When you purchase a showkit, we donate 50% of our profits from your purchase to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF), by whom we are authorised to support. The remaining 50% that we receive covers our script and CD printing, administration and website costs. The reason you are unable to purchase the showkit online is purely to keep our website administration costs to a minimum - so that we can donate more to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). When you contact us and decide to purchase, we will give you our bank account details and a reference number so that you can purchase by electronic transfer. The package will be despatched within 3 working days of receiving your payment and a receipt will be sent to you.

Do we have to donate our performance profits to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)? How does this work?

Put simply - yes! And we thank you very much for doing so. 'The Silk Rags Project' is authorised by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. You can view the authorisation on our home page. Prior to purchasing the showkit, we will draft a legally binding document which we, your theatre group and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) will sign. This is to ensure that all marketing and donations of the event meet with the required standards of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. Following the performance event, your theatre group will donate your profits directly to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation so that you can receive a tax receipt from them.

What else can we do to make this fundraising performance successful?

When you purchase the showkit, we include tips on this very subject as well as some marketing materials that your group can adapt. This is a fundraising event and unfortunately cancer affects every community. Therefore we strongly encourage liaison with your community groups such as Rotary, The Lions or CWA to assist you. We also encourage liaison with local dance groups to perform during the songs. This increases participation and marketing opportunities for you. Previous productions have included an afternoon tea and cocktail and canapes event which was included in the ticket price. Raffles and auctions with local business input also encourage participation and increase donations.

My theatre group is based outside of Australia. Can we still perform 'The Silk Rags Project'?

We'd love to hear from you! Our intention is to allow the whole world to be entertained and educated about communication challenges during diagnosis and treatments. We realise that your audience may want to donate to a cancer research charity within their own country. Please do contact us because we are currently researching such charities and would like to be endorsed by them. Let's do it!