We are very proud to be working with our Partners on this project.  

It is incredibly important to us that our Partners lead by their values.

Find out who our Partners are and what part they play in The Silk Rags Project.

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We are very proud to be an authorised fundraiser with The Australian Cancer Research Foundation.  Our partnership commenced in 2010 with the original musical soundtrack and we've sung, performed and walked for them since then!  

The reason why we admire The Australian Cancer Research Foundation so much is because they don't get side-tracked with marketing.  They remain focused on research.  You may not have even heard of them - but that's because of their sole approach and professionalism.  For example, they funded the breakthrough Cervical Cancer Vaccine.


You can find out more about ACRF here



We jumped at the opportunity to work with Dr Vanette McLennan, Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Counselling, because we wanted our Educational Handout 'Not Sure What to Say?' to be based on real knowledge, research and experience.  


The handout is a resource that comes from a cancer patient's perspective and compliments The Silk Rags Project's performances.  When faced with the distressing news of a family member or friend being diagnosed with cancer, saying and doing the 'right' things can be tricky.  While everyone is different and will require individualised support, the Educational Handout gives a few tips to navigate this with compassion.  

An article about the Educational Handout is here.

You can find out more about Griffith University here.  


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Ynatural Skincare


Luxurious skincare that does amazing things for your skin while also setting the highest ethical standards.


This small, gutsy, bold and revolutionary company is 100% Australian owned, 100% Australian made, Australian Certified Organic and Certified Cruelty Free.

It is also incredibly generous with vouchers giving 20% discounts to our 'Big Read Aloud' participants - 30% discount if participants buy a Ynatural package!

We met the Co-Founder Barbara Gare in 2012 at a 'Pamper The Cancer Patients' weekend and have kept up our friendship for many years. She's taken this online company out into the world of Hairdressing and Beauty Studios as well as Harvey Nicholls.


Barbara is totally committed to educating about the Ingredients to Avoid and Why!    She's also totally committed to the production of safe, ethical skincare products for Babies, Women and Men.  

You can find out more about yNatural here.   



Drew Salem is a Film Producer at 100 Acts of Kindness, located at Canungra, Scenic Rim, SE Queensland.  He is also a talented camera operator, video editor, photographer and motion graphics designer.  Drew has created our promotional video for 'The Big Read Aloud for Cancer Research'.  

Previously a big cheese in the world of Information Technology, Drew decided to follow his heart and packed in city work-life to become a storyteller.

Through emotional intelligence and emotive cinematography, Drew tells genuine stories using real people to appeal to consumers on a visual, auditory and emotional level. All his charity work is FREE.  Drew also creates affordable TV advertisements, documentaries and films.

Drew is a real gentleman who has both the eye and the ear to capture the values and ethics behind the stories he tells and we are very grateful to him for creating our video.

You can find out more about 100 Acts of Kindness here




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