We know you've got some questions!  And quite rightly so!

You'll probably find the answers below - but if there is some other burning question that you have, please do contact us - we'll be happy to discuss how we can collaborate in your community to make a difference.


1.  I'm interested in hosting a Silk Rags Project event.  How should I proceed?

Thank you for your interest!  It's quite simple.  

1.  Find a minimum of 5 additional friends who you think would be interested.

2.  Send them the link to this website and ask if they would like to read aloud, listen and learn together.

3.  Let them know that each participant will pay $50 for the experience BUT they also receive:

  • A paperback copy of the script.

  • A CD or digital download of the soundtrack with 12 page lyric and artwork booklet.

  • A 20% discount voucher for the 100% Australian Certified Organic and Natural luxury skincare line -  YNatural.

  • A printed educational handout 'Not Sure What to Say?' as developed with Griffith University.

  • A self reflection questionnaire.

  • Knowledge that 50% of their payment will be donated to The Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

4.  Decide on a date for your event.

5.  Collect $50 from each participant or get an undertaking from them to pay you back.

6.  Purchase a 'Big Read Aloud for Cancer Research Hosting Kit' for $300 from the SHOP on this website.

7.  When you purchase a hosting kit online, you have to indicate which hosting month you intend to have your fundraising event.​  Your package will be despatched to you approx. 2 weeks before your event.

8.  An email containing event hosting preparation tips will be sent to you upon receipt of your online order.

2.  When can I host 'The Big Read Aloud' and how long will it take for my hosting kit to arrive?

You can host 'The Big Read Aloud' anytime you like!  When you order, we ask you to designate the month that your experience will occur, so that we can get your hosting kit to you in time.  We ask for a minimum of 3 weeks notice though in case our stocks are running a bit low.

We are a very small team at The Silk Rags Project so your patience is appreciated. 


3.  Do I have to purchase a full hosting kit?  Why and what is contained in it?

Yes - you do have to purchase the full hosting kit!  This is a National Fundraising enterprise in which 50% of our profits are donated to The Australian Cancer Research Foundation and you can find our authorisation letter on our Welcome page.

You need a minimum of 6 participants - so that each person can read out a character.

When you purchase a 'Big Read Aloud for Cancer Research' hosting kit, you will receive:

  • 6 x paperback scripts (48 pages)

  • 6 x original soundtrack CD's or digital downloads including 12 page lyric and art booklet

  • 6x colour educational handouts 'Not Sure What to Say?' as developed with Griffith University

  • 6 x 20% discount vouchers from YNatural, the 100% Australian certified Natural and Organic Luxury Skincare company

  • Tips for making the event successful and hosting instructions

  • Advice from us if required by email and telephone

If you have more than 6 participants coming along, you can purchase additional individual packs for the sum of $50 from our SHOP. 

4.  How much is the 'Big Read Aloud for Cancer Research' Hosting Kit?

It is $300 plus postage and packing and currently is only available in Australia and New Zealand. 

When you purchase a hosting kit, we donate 50% of our profits from your purchase to The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) by whom we are authorised to support.  The remaining 50% that we receive covers our script and CD printing, administration, marketing and website costs.

5.  Can we share the love of this project?

Yes - and please do!  And we thank you very much for doing so.

At the end of the reading and listening experience, each participant will complete the self reflection contained in the hosting kit.  This will enable each participant to think about what they have learnt from the project script and songs.

We'd love your group to join The Silk Rags Project Facebook or Instagram pages and send us your self reflections, thoughts and photos so that we too can share on our social media and website.

There will also be a post-event online questionnaire which we will send the host, so that we can gather feedback and also streamline our processes if we need to. 

6.  What else can we do to make our 'Big Read Aloud' event a success?

When you purchase the hosting kit, we include tips on this very subject via email so that you can prepare.

Previous hosting events have included BYO afternoon tea, lunch or cocktail and canapés.  How about a picnic outside?

You could also visit local business to donate for a raffle prize/auction to encourage participation and increase donations. Let us know if a business does this and we will gladly give them some publicity on our website and social media pages.


If you raise any additional funds, you can donate directly to The Australian Cancer Research Foundation via their website - there will be an option to click 'The Silk Rags Project' button.  Full instructions to do this will be on your hosting instructions.


7.  Why aren't the resources available for digital download instead of physical products?

Our trial events revealed that participants prefer the actual physical script to read from and make notes on.  Similarly, the soundtrack CD features a 12 page lyric and artwork booklet which participants like to read and sing along to. However, we are currently working on a digital download option of our soundtrack.  Our participants stated that they felt they were getting a full experience by purchasing physical products which enhanced their engagement and understanding of the issues highlighted.

The downside of digitalisation:  By enabling digital downloads (and subsequent printing and copying), we could be enabling the unauthorised copying - which ultimately affects our copyright AND the percentage of profits that we donate to The Australian Cancer Research Foundation.  

In 2023, we will look at the digitalisation and purchase of our products, but this may significantly increase our website overheads and reduce the percentage of profits that we are able to donate.  



8.  Why can't I purchase the script and music separately?


The Silk Rags Project is an entertaining and educational experience.  The music fits perfectly in between each scene from Character 'One's' perspective.


9. I don't live in Australia or New Zealand.  Can I still host a 'Big Read Aloud for Cancer Research' event?

Not at the moment BUT we'd love to hear from you!  Our intention is to allow the whole world to be entertained and educated about communication challenges during diagnosis and treatments.

We realise that your participants may want to donate to a cancer research charity within their own country.  Please do contact us because we are currently researching such charities and would like to be endorsed by them.  Let's do it!